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Finding opportunities

Cultural Probes

The method cultural probe is a design-led approach to understanding users that stressed empathy and engagement.

Dialog cafe

The dialog café has the purpose to create a common dialog, to exchange experiences and knowledge, to highlight the common knowledge and to enrich the fellowship.

Focus-Group Interviews

One of the most common methods for user and consumer studies is focus groups. This is probably because this method is both cheap and easy to conduct/understand.

Future Search

The future café has the purpose to co-create a future for an organiation and to develop plans for how to take action.

Open Space Technology

The purpose of open space technology is to create a system for participation and democracy, to do strategic plans, to develop new products and services, to solve complex problem, build multidiscipl


 Story-telling is a method to encourage users to tell rich stories with the purpose of identifying their needs, or underlying rationale, relevant in a particular situation (Holst and Stå


To sustain a broad perspective throughout the investigation it is important to question and exceed the apprehension about the defined “problem” that already exists in the design situati

Zaltman metaphor Elicitation Technique(ZMET)

Cognitive science refers to a very broad range of both intertwining and contradictory theories about how thinking works.

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